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As Peter Drucker, one of the \"founders of modern management\" already said – we live in turbulent times, calling for constant monitoring of changes not only in the market but also in legislation.

Nowadays, it is very hard for businesses to keep track of the changes occurring perpetually in the field of taxes and accounting. This is also the reason, why it is efficient and reasonable to delegate that job to dedicated professionals with the necessary experience background.

In cases of more significant and extensive legislative changes, we compile our own information bulletin for our clients, where, in a simple way - we point out the particular changes that could be relevant in the respective Client´s circumstances.

The main advantages we can offer to you - are:

1. Reduced entrepreneurial risk, since we assume full liability for the services we provide and our company is insured against the entrepreneurial risks arising from such liability at the Allianz–Slovenská poisťovňa, a.s.

2. Minimised costs - outsourced accounting service relieves you from

• Salary costs on the positions of account/pay clerk

• Costs on further education and training

• Costs on penalties imposed by state authorities for possible mistakes and errors in the accounting agenda

3. Adequate professional software and hardware equipment, as our company owns a licence for the economic software by the company Kros s.r.o.

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