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-Comprehensive single-entry and double-entry accounting in compliance with Slovakia´s applicable legislation
-Implementation of the accounting agenda (monitoring starting situation, proposing the method of documents processing)
-Completeness check of the mandatory documents and appurtenances required by law
-Processing of documents and records pursuant to the VAT-Act No. 222/2004 (Coll.)
-Salaries and HR agenda
-Communication with tax authorities and the institutions of social welfare and medical care
-Keeping a vehicle-log
-Keeping records on long-term assets and calculation of depreciation
-Keeping balance of account (payables and receivables)
-Compilation of company internal guidelines for keeping accounting records
-Compilation of documents needed for the approval of payables and receivables
-Check and reconstruction for past periods
-Compilation of the annual financial statement and preliminary statements
-Audit assistance
-Compilation and completion of relevant documents regarding VAT, Vehicle Excise Duty, real estate tax and income tax as well as corporate tax
-Compilation of INTRASTAT reports
-Compilation of reports and records of the respective reporting-units for the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic
-Economic and organisational consultancy in choosing the proper legal form of your new business
-Preparation of documents for the official archive
-Assistance and representation towards inspection authorities in respect of taxes, social insurance
-Financial planning and budgeting
-Setting up business plans, financial plans, costs/revenue plans and cash flow plans
-Business development consultancy
-Elaboration of financial-economic analyses according to client´s requirement – in terms of his co-operation with financial authorities or business partners
-Reporting according to client´s requirement
-Presentation of economic indicators and reports issued for third parties according to client´s requirements
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